Soul Awakening


For the soul, there is never birth nor death. Nor, having once been does he ever cease to be. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing, undying and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain. – Bhagavad Gita 2.20

In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna in the role of a Guru said the above verse to Arjuna, the warrior Prince.

The statement claims in the knowledge that our soul is eternal, it is not associated with birth or death. A soul chooses a body before taking birth on earth for it’s karmic or lesson learning purpose. When the body is old and karma has been fulfilled, it leaves the body and goes to the next destination or next life.

It is simple ignorance to believe that this is the only life we live and earth is the only inhabitant in the Universe. There are numerous planets and Unvierses that we are not aware of, or unable to see with our earthly vision.

So, what can we know about souls? A soul is not a body. A soul is a light which can take any body it desires according to it’s free will or karmic purpose. When a soul comes in a certain body type on earth, it gives life to the body by the function of breath/ prana. The light is like a tiny fuel that keeps our body alive, energetic and acts as the primary function in our day to day activities. The soul primarily resides in our heart where breathing happens. So, as long as the soul is in the body, the body is alive. When soul leaves, body is lifeless and the flame stops functioning. The body goes from warm to cold.

Awakening of a soul is being enlightened that means our heart lits up. There have been various experiences by different people in the world when enlightenment occurs. When the soul awakens, it tries to connect with the super soul or the source of all light, to the Divine light.

What happens to the soul upon awakening? What lits the soul? How does the process occur?

Normally, when a person comes to realization of something bigger than life, has been receiving a calling repeatedly, certain life altering situation occurs then the soul in desperation opens up. At that moment, an electromagnetic light quicker than a second, connects to the soul and enlightenment happens. This electric light coming from the astral sky is received above our crown on the astral aura chakra and gets passed down to the crown chakra. The light then moves down from the crown chakra in the body, lightening all chakras. Chakras get activated. People have various experiences from having to balance their life, let go of toxic situations, jobs, partners, change in lifestyle, change in habits to physical symptoms like body vibrations, tingling, of arms, legs, seeing auras, lights, hearing sounds like bells, connecting with angels, Devas, spiritual beings, Spiritual Guides, Kundalini awakening experiences, meeting others who are on the same process of awakening. Awakening also leads for some to awaken their hidden or forgotten potentials like being able to see out of ordinary visions: auras, lights, angels, devas or receiving energies to heal to connecting with spiritual beings. The soul also goes through the process of cleansing, detoxifying and past karmic issues keeps coming back until it’s completely resolved, forgiven and learns the lesson it needs to learn and practice them in the present life.

This process takes no length for some to several years for many depending on each soul’s personal karma and soul growth. When a soul is ready, lessons are learnt and you leave your past, (the theory of only bodily existence and pleasure of this present life); healing occurs. The heart chakra opens to the full and connects directly with the source of all light, all souls, to the Divine Light. The experience is like a thousand fold Lotus petals opening up to the sunlight. This is the moment of full enlightenment. The soul is fully awakened and ready to live a spiritual life. The soul remembers it’s true purpose of coming to earth in the first place. The soul also connects easily to the higher realms with angels, devas, spiritual Guides, it’s soul families on higher realms, star planets, galaxies, etc. There is a deep longing to go back home to it’s families and communities but there is also a deep need to fulfil the original purpose of taking birth on earth which the soul have forgotten due to illusory energy of earth. Having spent millions of lives on earth taking various births, various forms, repeating karmic cycles, weary and trodden in desperation a soul when finally awakens and walks the spiritual path and becomes fully enlightened, permanently becomes free from the karmic cycle of life and death on earth also known as attaining Moksha or Nirvana in Sanskrit. The soul lives a blissful rest of life on earth, preaching and doing the work it came to do (normally global service of helping other awakened souls, writing, being part of Universal oneness), fulfil it’s mission and goes back home.


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