Tinctures & Glycerites

The only difference between tinctures and glycerites are that one uses alcohol and the other uses glycerine while preparing the medicine.

Tinctures are made with alcohol usually 60-80% grain alcohol. Medicinal plants plucked from garden or bought or dried to become herbs can be used. After chopping and putting them in a glass jar, alcohol is filled until the top (usually 60-80%) then placed in a dry, cool area for 4-6 weeks. During this time, we shake the jar everyday so that alcohol seeps in to all the herbs and even send good intentions to make the medicines. Alcohol has been seen by all herbalists as the number 1 method to extract mostly all (about 80-99%) medicinal qualities of the herbs so that’s why alcohol is the preferred method to make medicines.

Glycerites are made with 60-80% vegetable glycerines with the plants, flowers or herbs prepared to make medicines. Glycerites are preferred by those who do not wish to take alcohol based medicines and also suitable for children. Like with tinctures, we fill in the jar with herbs and glycerine and have them sit in a dry, cool place for 4-6 weeks shaking and holding good intentions every day. Glycerites have been preferred by many herbalists in making flower medicines and glycerins go wonderfully with flowers. Glycerin is seen to extract about 70-80% medicinal qualities of a plant compared to alcohol.

Tinctures and glycerites is easy to be carried in dropper bottle. We can use directly by orally putting the drops in our tongues or diluting in a glass or water or juice. The dosage is mostly 2-4 drops per intake. There are some tinctures and glycerites that is beneficial by taking them everyday, there are some which we use when only we need them right away. But whatever the case you do not want to exceed 40 drops of tincture a day.

Tinctures and glycerites both coming from plants and flowers and prepared in a safe way with no chemicals have hardly any side effects. The healing power of plants and flowers work safely in our life. Sometimes depending upon an illness or body type, the plant medicines may take 1 intake for some and many days or months intake for others to heal. It all depends upon the illness, body type and sensitivity. There is no one way of being cured.


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