Healing with plants and flowers

Plants and flowers are the natural healers of earth. Everything is provided for us and all medicines grow on earth. I make medicines from plants and flowers or herbs after they are dried in various forms like tincture, glycerite, flower essences, body products like face toners, mists, hand soaps and aroma sprays.

Tinctures, Glycerites, pills or capsules are direct form of taking plant or flower medicines for our health and wellness whereas using natural products like oil, beauty products and aroma sprays helps us subtly.

Then there is a third way to have plant and flower benefit in our life indirectly and sometimes directly which is by planting them in our home, garden or buying flowers and also certain plants and keep them near us. Sometimes they help us directly and sometimes they help us subtly. Plants like holy basil (Tulsi), Sage and roses benefit us directly as planting holy basil and sage purifies air and any lower energies and gives positive and sattvic energy in our home or surroundings. The same goes with roses or jasmines. Inhaling their fragrance directly is beneficial and keeps us in a happy, lighthearted mood.


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