Aroma of flowers and plants


One of the sense that we can heal is by smelling or inhaling. Aromatherapy is the art of healing with direct inhalation of certain flowers and plants according to our needs. The plants and flowers that we either plant or put them in vase in our home not only beautifies our surrounding but heals our body, mind and spirit.

There are some wonderful, simple and direct benefits of flowers that works mostly for any of us and is so gentle and so soothing that they work directly from our senses to our body parts. Roses whom I regard as the mother healer. Rose is nurturing, comforting, soothing, gentle and is very loving. When we grow roses, when we inhale the aroma of rose, use the organic aroma sprays or beauty products then the healing energy of the roses work in our life. I always love to grow roses in my backyard and use rose products.

When we use especially essential oils made from flowers or plants in diffusers or aroma sprays, we are using the beneficial healing qualities of the flower. Rose based aroma spray nurtures and soothes us. Sweet orange or jasmine based aroma spray uplifts us, energizes us and sage purifies our body and aura from any lower energies.

Aroma sprays not only makes us smell good and feel good from inside out but also purifies any unwanted energies and clears our energy fields.


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