Full Moon in Cancer 01/2017

moon sleep children.jpg

It’s the first full moon of 2017 and it’s so exciting. A part of the excitement is because the moon is in the astrological sign Cancer. Woo…the energy has definitely been touchy feely preparing for moon to be in Cancer as the ruler of moon herself. So, there’s lot of emotions running high and low. You might be super excited and laughing one moment and the next moment, feeling low down to the dumps. You might also be feeling extra sensitive so just take it easy and take things lightly as much as possible.

It’s such a great idea to curl up and read your favorite book or watch a favorite movie something funny that lightens up your mood. It’s also a period where you can write your thoughts and feelings in your journal. Beautiful work of art and creativity is produced this time as we’re in touch with the core essence of our being. Old memories good and bad can reflect like a movie and it would be best not to dissect or be overtly sensitive and try to retain only happy times.

As the sign is feminine yet cardinal, you can see lot of strong feminine energy in the world and mother figures being really highlighted. It’s also a great idea to be in touch with your feminine side for men too and extra care and nurturing would be really great at this time.

It’s a great time to pamper yourself as you get in touch with the innermost you. Nurture and be kind to your feelings. Hot salt bath, funny movies, healing books, writing,sharing your thoughts, feelings with your friends, loved ones would all be so healing and nurturing for us.

Happy Full Moon!



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