Intuitive Reading for New Year 2017


Dear friends,

Happy New year and blessings of love to you!

As we end the year and begin a new year 2017, let’s take a moment to reflect on the lessons learnt or still need to learn. The reason I’m starting with lessons is because, we’re currently on new moon in Capricorn phase. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the lord of our Karma. You can picture Lord Saturn as our School head master who sets the rule or law and nothing escapes his eye.

We had new moon in 12/29/2016 which was in Capricorn and the moon phase is still running. Its actually currently being focused on our test period these couple of days if you’ve noticed. There’s been lot of tests coming from different and unexpected sources; like the things that used to bother you, does it still bother you? What were the things you wanted to achieve, do, let go? The same thing/ habit from yourself or others, that used to bother or worry you, does it anymore or not? That only, you would know. If you’ve felt an inner urge to work on new ideas or new way of seeing or thinking for yourself and the world, yes, you’ve learnt the lessons that started 9-10 years ago.

We’re right now at the end of a 9 year cycle. 2017 begins with a new 9 year cycle on earth.Lessons learnt with new ideas, inner transformation, spiritual growth all lead to a new beginning for the new year as well as beginning of a 9 year cycle. If you’ve still have some issues to work out but see it fading in the distance, it will be again a great chance this year to work them out finally once and for all. 2017 is 2+1+7= 10/ 1 which has double meaning. It is number 1 year meaning a new beginning for all of us as well as number 10 which vibrates to the 10th house of astrological sign Capricorn whose ruler is Saturn. Hence again we go back to the ‘lesson learning phase’ as Lord Saturn is the ruler of law and karma. We will have plenty of experiences to learn new lessons personal or global this year which sets the pace for the next 9 year cycle. If we learn our lesson this year, then the next 8 years will be much easier to manifest our goals, dreams, desires and relationship issues. But do remember, lessons has to be learnt otherwise there will be usual delays, blockages, similar situations which in actual is no one’s fault but our own karmic law of attraction. Lord Saturn is all fair and just. Lessons we came on earth to learn need to be learnt, there’s no other way around. Nothing escapes Lord Saturn’s eyes. But he is also all patient and wait years for us to learn our lessons on earth. If we learn them this lifetime, all we have to do is share with others then go back home.


The earth angels are reassuring us that, the new lessons are already preordained according to karma of earth. I pulled out the Fairy message card for the year 2017 which gives the message for us to rest assured and follow divine guidance as everything is occurring to Divine plan.

The guided message for 2017 that I prayed and pulled from Angel deck is Love. Love will be the biggest lesson for planet earth for year 2017. How will we incorporate love in our everyday life, in our communication with our friends, family, neighbors, strangers irrespective of background, culture, religion and race? Love is the much needed lesson the world has to learn and go through for 2017 as well as this message sets the tone for the next 9 year period globally. But as always, nothing happens by chance and even for Global oneness, brotherhood, one love to come to center stage in our life, there had been decades of work and lessons being learnt on earth, there had been lot of shifts, lot of angelic work and many lightworkers and indigos being born all over the world since 1960s who worked for the shift for this Divine plan to take place.

Let us unite in love, bring love on earth and learn love’s lesson.


Love and angel blessings


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