Full Moon in Gemini Dec 2016 Intuitive Reading


Full moon is in December 13-14th and is in the airy sign of Gemini. There is speed in the air! As Mercury rules Gemini, expect lot of communications and travel especially air travel this month. But as there is Mercury retrograde which starts in 19th of December and lasts till 8th of January, there can be some delays, change in plans or miscommunication. So, please plan ahead and be open to any possibilities during this time. Patience is the name this month.

Otherwise expect lot of wisdom floating by. We’re all super enthusiastic and excited, we love to have lot of fun, deep meaningful conversations almost about everything and there’s such a happy, light energy in the world.

This is also one of the last super moon of the year. As with all full moon period, it’s a blessing to release what no longer serves us. Continuing from the last full moon in Sagittarius, this is a wonderful opportunity for us to finally let go of what no longer serves us ending the 9 year cycle to have a new beginning with new moon in 2017. So, whatever thoughts, feelings, emotions from the last 10 years are still lingering and has been coming up, it’s a great time during the moon to finally release and get full moon blessings to start new. You can do this under the full moon, let it all go, breathe out, give it all to the moon and breathe in blessings.

It definitely is a busy season with holiday, shopping, travel, family, friends, work, mercury retrograde and as everything happens perfectly according to Divine timing in the world,  we’re graced with full moon in Gemini, that supports us to go through it all. We will have all the energy and enthusiasm each day to do it all and still smile and shine bright as the stars!

Love and full moon blessings,





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