New Moon in Sagittarius 11/29


The new moon in 11/29 begins in the astrological sign of Sagittarius, the archer and boy, it has begun with a bang, if you’ve noticed! Expect lot of merriment in the air though. Anything old is forgiven, forgotten as this new energy holds a chance for us to bring in new energy and this energy is lighthearted, fun, cheerful and bright not to mention expansive as the ruler of the sign is Jupiter- the most benevolent, expansive, generous, abundant sign.

New project especially in business and finance now will be fruitful and gives a signal of good fortune.

We’ve started seeing free expression of people all over the world as the sign of Archer is blunt, expressive and freedom loving. Everyone is coming out of their hiding and expressing their true feelings so do not take anything personally from people or situations as we’re in the free expressive sign until the next moon phase.So, lot of causes we care about will find voice during this period which is great for all of us. It is also a really good time for public speaking and really expressing your authentic self.

Another specialty of 11/29 is the number 11/11 which is a master number in numerology. What this signifies is spiritual awakening. Like the archer who strikes right in the heart of truth, our souls are urging a wake up call into spiritual movement worldwide. Those who are already awakened and walking on spiritual paths will have great chance for spiritual growth. You might meet spiritual masters all of a sudden, spiritual teachers, philosophers, soul mates who will appear in your life and there’s lot of new lessons which can be learnt which supports your spiritual growth.

We’re already feeling optimistic, bold, lighthearted energy which we really need after last new moon in Scorpio where we went delving deep within. Now is the time to surface in the open and share your thoughts, feelings, happiness with the world.

Happy new beginnings 🙂

New moon blessings,


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