New moon in Scorpio October 30 2016


It’s new moon tonight and time for new beginnings. New moon symbolizes an end of a cycle and a beginning of new. It’s perfect time to start new projects and bring new approach to situations, relationships and ideas.
As the new moon is in Scorpio, many of us had been affected by the energy since a week ago. As with the sign of Scorpio which is one of regeneration and rebirth, many issues in our life which had been kept deep hidden/ forgotten had been surfacing. No wonder many of us had been feeling jittery for sometime. But you know why now. And it’s good news, because as the new moon is in Scorpio, the issues that needed to be dealt in our life has come up to be healed. There is an end to what has served it’s purpose and new birth occurs. Like the phoenix rising from it’s ashes, Scorpio new moon gives us a chance to heal the situation and rise above it and a new beginning is heralded for all of us. There is clarity, new beginnings, new creation and an opportunity to re-start for all of us.

With love,

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