Full Moon in Taurus Nov 14th 2016


Dear friends,

We’re having super full moon tomorrow Nov 14th. Tomorrow’s full moon is in Taurus, the sign of strong headed assertive bulls. Have you been feeling this stubborn energy since couple of days? Now, you know where it’s coming from. The taurus moon is bringing out our assertive side and we’re being fixed in our decision making process and not being apologetic about it. These are all positive aspects of the sign. And an extra good news for all the lightworkers, is the grounding energy of the sign. We’ve been guided to be more grounded, more aware of our circumstances and our immediate situations.

Practical, earthly matters have been taking center stage in our life. We’re juggling our time for the affairs of the world as well as balancing our own personal life and especially our time with family and home. World issue is and will be coming up for some time. Since, taurus is a full earth sign, we’re required to devote our time to earthly matter (that would be the world’s political matters which is currently on the move, environment issues and financial security).

But, all in all, taurus is ruled by Venus – Goddess of love and beauty. Taurus loves peace and stability and we’re also expected to bring peace and stability to the world’ situation. There will be peace and we’re much guided to work towards it.

With love and angel blessings,





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