7 Steps to Spiritual Growth

Where am I at this moment? How am I aligning to my life purpose? Is what I’m doing what I’m supposed to do? Am I finding fulfillment in my work, life, the way things are? Or, am I just accepting everything as a way of accepting that life is all about?

If you have questions as such, let me tell you, you’re not alone. I was there. Walking in between earthly needs, looking for career choices, relationships and trying to find happiness, I’ve walked a long way. In between my search for truth and happiness I only came to understand that only inner peace brings fulfillment. Inner peace comes from a place of soul awakening. It’s finally being able to understand the truth of life and happiness. But how does that all come about? It comes from a place of knowing that we are connected and one with the Universe/ Divine.

Can this connection align with my current lifestyle? Yes, there can be some inner shifts in the way we used to think or feel but these shifts open us to the alignment of the Universe. This alignment is the key to our happiness. When there is a balance of our thoughts with the flow of the Universe, we are open to happiness, to prosperity, to manifesting desires which serves our highest good and to bring more peace, joy and love in our life and those of others.

We’re all connected and this connection is of love.

When I discovered this truth of life and our connection to the Universe, it changed my whole life because my thoughts were not same anymore. I no more aligned to the old thought of I’m not able to, I’m not good enough or I don’t deserve.

This all changed to: I’m deserving of love, happiness, prosperity and everything on planet earth. I’m good, because I l feel good. I love myself, I’m proud of myself, I’m beautiful, smart, loving and fun to be with. I’m able to do as much better than the other person perhaps it’s not the same outcome because we all have our own unique abilities, talents and creative energies. Better in a way that it looks good in my eyes and I’m happy about what I did and I don’t need validation from everyone.

My life has changed in the external like I’m more happy, positive and successful but it’s the inner work that I did and still do that has made the ultimate difference. It’s an everyday process of shifting my thought patterns, my expectations, my everyday activities, the way I started seeing myself, training my thoughts to new pattern, releasing, cleansing, making myself happy, choosing to believe myself as much deserving as everyone and believing I’m successful. Success is all about ‘self’. It’s an inner belief, trusting in self and believing in what you can do and what you’ve achieved.

So how does these changes help me in my life?

I have made these changes in 7 steps to Spiritual Growth. As I mentioned it’s a process and everyday work. It might take couple of months to years. We all have our own working pattern and willingness to do inner work. It depends how much you are willing to do the work but we all can do it. There’s nothing in the world we can’t do because God created us perfect in his eyes. We’re all equal and loved by him. Yes, each of us has our unique creative gift to bring to this world but we all are accessible to ascension/ to spiritual growth in order to achieve our highest level of human life. We all have the free will to choose and be. It is not just to eat, work and sleep that we are here on earth. We all have our life purpose, we all came to learn our own lessons and to fulfil personal/global mission on planet earth and to understand that purpose, who we are and what we need to do, we have to awaken our soul and be on spiritual journey. For we are all spirits or souls who have taken human birth temporarily to fulfil our mission, whether that be learning, teaching or helping.

These 7 steps to Spiritual Growth is an everyday process. You can take as much time as necessary for some steps require you to do lot of inner work, cleansing and releasing while other steps can be quicker. It all depends where you are at this time of life. Again there is no pressure, it might take 7 months to 7 years. But the good thing is, you’re on the way to spiritual growth and your ascension is need for ascension of planet earth. All your positive work will not only benefit you but everyone on earth and shift earth’s consciousness to higher vibration. This is a global process and if you’re reading this and feeling the urge to grow yourself spiritually then it your calling to spiritual growth and helping mother earth and everyone by bringing positive energies.

Take as much time as you would like to go through the 7 steps and take as many self-help courses, spiritual paths, reading, learning, healing and inner works as it suits you. As said above, these are the steps/ guidelines to your soul growth and self-realization. It is you who knows what is best and what works you need to do and what changes or approaches you need to bring in your life. If you’re ready and feel ‘yes’ to your spiritual growth then click here.

This is not your guideline to any forms of treatments nor am I certified to any medical treatment. These are your guidelines to incorporate in your life or spiritual practice.  I’m a certified Reiki healer, certified assertive coach, natural intuitive, long time practitioner of meditation and various spiritual paths, angel intuitive and have taken classes, courses, lessons, read and practiced on various subjects from aromatherapy, plants, flowers, essential oils, Buddhist meditation, kirtan, Japas, clearing chakras, healing with crystals, communicating with angels, Angel oracle card reader, healing with angels, nature angels and fairies, angelic realm reading and living a conscious lifestyle.


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