5 Best Healing Crystals

Crystals have healing properties in it as all crystals come from the source of nature. All crystals and stones have their own unique vibration as they each have their own spirit soul just like us humans. Except that crystals have higher vibration energy but since they come from nature and planet earth, their energy is both healing, balancing and grounding. They balance and harmonize your spirit with high vibration while keeping your physical flow of energy in harmony and grounded. Their energy can be related to angelic vibrations. I really call them nature angels for they have the same healing, loving and all the positive qualities that gives the best energy to humans as well as animals.

Today I want to talk about the top 5 healing and beneficial crystals that is safe for everyone (children to adults) and their energy is just healing, loving, positive, uplifting and beneficial.

  1. Rose quartz:  Rose quartz is the mother of all stones and crystals because there is only loving, nurturing, caring energy in the stone. The crystal just exude pure love and you can never go wrong with them. It is like a best friend through all seasons. You can laugh, cry and be with them without any judgement. So, when you’re feeling lonely, hurt, going through any heart related issues from separation, betrayal, loneliness and even health related; wear them (as pendants), carry them and have them near you. They have a very healing, soft, gentle energy and meditating with them is pouring oneself with love and joy.


2. Clear Quartz

Like the name, they are clear. They have the lightest energy of all stones. They are like pure white light. Their energy is cleansing, uplifting and blissful. They are energy purifiers and can cleanse all negative and dense energy. So, wearing them, carrying them or having near them at your home is always purifying all energies and giving back positive energy to us. They are associated with the crown chakra. So, when meditating, placing them on top of your head (small piece) will cleanse out your energy field from all energies absorbed during the day, relieves headaches and tension areas if you’re experiencing them and allows pure light to flow from your crown to all parts of your body and chakras.


1-2lb-bulk-tumbled-clear-quartz-stones-large-1-polished-natural-crystals-for-reiki-crystal-healing              clear-quartz-cluster

3. Amethyst:

Amethyst is the ultimate personification of beauty. They are beautiful to look, touch and wear. Their energy is uplifting, positive and joyful yet, they also have a calming energy and it is also regarded as a protective stone. If you’re feeling low or depressed, wearing them gives you confidence, encouragement, upliftment, empowerment and positive energy. They are found in purple or violet colors. It is also a spiritual stone and wearing them helps in all spiritual works. I really think it is the balancing energy of the stone since it is uplifting as well as calming at the same time.

tumbled-amethyst                  tmp650307681705263105


4. Green Aventurine:

Green Aventurine is so peaceful, so serene and so calming. Wearing them, meditating with them brings you peace and calm in your life. They have peaceful healing energy and calms stress, anger and irritation. Since it is associated with heart chakra, wearing them as pendants, having them at home or carrying them gives you peace, calm and healing energy throughout your day. Another great benefit of the stone is its association with prosperity. It is bringer of prosperity and good luck. So, it’s always great and auspicious to have Green aventurine at your home.

tumbled-aventurine                     images-2

5. Citrine:

Citrine is a power stone. Their energy is very positive, uplifting and purifying. They can remove all forms of negativity inside our body and on our surrounding. Since it is the stone of solar plexus which vibrates at the frequency of Sun, the healing energy of the stone can cleanse our all forms of negative energies, fear and diseases inside our body. Meditating with citrine allows solar energy to increase in our body which increases good health, long life, positive attitude and magnet prosperity and abundance. So, it is also a stone which attracts  abundance, success and good fortune.

natural-citrine-magical-omaha                  november-birthstone-citrine-6


May the healing energy of crystals bring love, success and joy in your life.




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