Working with Angels


When I first came to know about angels, I would always see beautiful pictures. Yet, I met my angels in my dreams, in my waking up from sleep states, meditation and visions. Sometimes they  seem souls like us but a difference of their compassionate energy, unconditional love, encouragement and motivational messages for me. They are my team of Angels. But  other times very celestial, angelic beings would come, sometimes with wings, sometimes without but with so much light surrounding them. Their presence and energy just guided me and my life to soul growth opportunities and learning about them. So, we have two kind of Angels. One is the angels who are with us since birth and remain with us in our lifetime. They’re our Guides, helpers, cheerers, friends and they love us unconditionally.

The other kind of Angels are angels from the higher realms. They usually work on global issue of the world or planet earth. But if they come to you frequently then it means that you have a higher mission in life, your life has been guided to walk as Earth angel and you have to fulfill your purpose. You might receive messages from them directly or if you ignore them then you will receive gently from your own angels as symbols or clarification in dreams, during day time by signals like feathers, coins, songs, numbers. They’re trying to connect with you all the time.

I received calls of the higher angels frequently in my dreams, waking up from sleep moments, meditations and visions. Sometimes I had difficulty understanding their message or remembering their words. I led a busy materialistic life. I would keep receiving similar numbers, some soft messages during day time, when I went to sleep, in my visions, meditations. Sometimes all I heard were numbers spoken by women or men with beautiful energies more compassionate, high vibration than our’s. My own team of angels that time had been trying to connect with me for years. During the process of finding out my frequent calls, numbers, messages, I got guided to learning about angels. There was almost a hurry, like I wasted a lot of time on earth. I had to be on my mission, or the purpose I came on earth to do.

Finally connecting with them, clarified my messages and the process has been much smoother as I connect with my angels to help on my path. Our team of angels who love us unconditionally.

Communicating and understanding their messages took time but when I finally learnt about them, it just opened my life and awareness to new meaning. It’s like opening my door to infinite wisdom, love and gratitude. I’m forever grateful to all my angels for being there with me at all times and guiding me to my soul purpose.

They were always with me as guides, supporters, who loved me unconditionally and always guided, corrected me when I made mistakes sometimes lovingly, sometimes firmly.

We all have angels with us and more than one. We have a team of angels and the more we connect to them and work towards soul growth, the more we can hear them, get their messages in all aspect of our life and they will guide us to have a better lifestyle, better career or work opportunities, healthy habits and help us to release from blockages due to old karma and guide us in to healthy relationships. Sometimes they may guide us to release old karmic debts or lesson learning opportunities so we have to patient and learn our lessons that time.

Through trials and errors, we can perfect. Like perfected souls, great saints and enlightened Gurus, we all can reach to the highest level of human life and that is our angelic life. We all have the potential to reach that level and become angels on earth to join our angelic family later on.

So, keep your commune with your angels, hear their messages. We can commune with them by  asking them to guide us. They want us to ask as they will not go against our free will nor will they force us. They’re patient, they’re always with us and the more we work on our soul growth, the more they will work us, help us and even guide us to healing if that’s required. Angels’ energy is light, full of love and they love to help when asked because they love us unconditionally.

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