Angel Guidance

When we take birth on planet earth, all of us come with our own team of Guardian Angels who are here to support us, guide us, correct us and be with us. Hence Guardian angels love us unconditionally. Guardian Angels come from the realms that we originally came from (earth, angelic realms, star planets or water) or from different realms according to our soul growth and what we need in this lifetime.

Guardian Angels are like a part of us linked with our higher self. The difference between us and them is that they’ve mastered their earthly lesson and they want us to learn our’s or grow in our ascension according to where our soul is at the moment. So, they’re non differential in the aspect that our souls are connected to their’s. We can also term them as our soul families. They’re here to guide us on earth so that we can learn our lessons/ fulfill our mission for whatever purpose we came originally. For that, they guide us and try to connect with us. Their main purpose is to help us come back to our soul realization, our original purpose of having taken birth on planet earth. Connecting with our angels help us to hear them and their guidance.

First of all, we have to understand that we are not only this body but we are souls who have chosen this body for karmic evolution. The families we chose, the place of birth, the circumstances are all predestined according to our soul growth purpose.

There are numerous reasons a soul takes birth on planet earth; from karmic evolution (yes, mostly all higher realms work under karmic plane except the highest one which vibrates on Divine light) to soul growth purposes, to Divine mission of working on love and light on planet earth. The higher the realm, the longer length of time. It’s like their one day equates to earth’s one year, ten years, one hundred years, 1000 years according to the angelic, Deva or star planets. Earth is one of the dense planet and our bodies are matched according to the density of earth. Angels, Devas and Ascended masters are in higher vibration with lighter bodies which have higher frequency. Hence to hear or be connected to our angels, we have to raise our vibration which is not that difficult. Meditation, yoga, nature walks, Sattvic or Vegan diet and spiritual lifestyle purifies our spiritual body which helps us to be connect with our guides and angels and live in high vibration life on earth.

We all come with our own purpose of lesson learning and working on light depending upon the realm we come from. We’re mostly seeing new souls taking birth on planet earth since 1960s. These souls mostly come from higher realms of star planets or angelic realms for the purpose of bringing love, light, peace and harmony on earth. So many new souls have been living and working on the higher mission all over the world to shift the consciousness of planet Earth back to lighter vibration.

Guardian angels are with you from Day 1, from your conception on earth. They stay with you throughout your life. The voices you’ve heard, the inner guidance you’ve received, the dreams you’ve had, the people who’ve helped you out of the blue are all ways your guardian angels have been connecting with you, helping you, loving you, comforting you, guiding you.

Guardian angels can be more than one, usually two or more from your own original realm who are your soul family and also from the previous births you’ve taken. It really depends upon where you are at this time in life. If your life purpose is to work on Divine mission of love and light, the other angels usually higher angels, archangels and angels who work for planet earth or Universe and ascended masters usually come to work with you in connection with your guardian angels.

As you keep on living on high vibration, you can connect with any higher realm of angels or they connect with you easily which is not the same case if your vibration is not high. Just be sure that your Guardian angels or team of angels always come from higher realms. Their energy is light, pure and you feel loved, comforted, encouraged and positive.

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