Healing with Reiki

Just for today, do not be angry.

Just for today, do not worry.

Practice gratitude.

Earn your living honestly.

Be kind to every living being.

  • Dr. Mikao Usui

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word. Rei- means Universal / Consciousness and Ki means- Energy. Hence, Reiki means Universal energy/ Energy of the Consciousness. That consciousness is ever present in the Universe and the energy comes from the Divine source.

Reiki is all spiritual and not affiliated to any religion. Reiki can be used to heal mental, physical and emotional conditions. Reiki was first received by Dr. Mikao Usui. He received the Universal/ Divine energy while we was climbing Mt. Kurama. He was on a spiritual quest; fasting, meditating and praying. On the 21st day, he felt a great energy over his head at the crown chakra and received the energy which could cure diseases and heal. Hence the healing life force/ Universal energy was named Reiki.

Healers since eons have used Universal life energy with different names/ methods. But Dr. Usui’s healing practice and techniques have been found easy to use and learn.

How Reiki helps?

Reiki comes from God consciousness and never harms anyone. It always knows what a person needs and will guide the practitioner’s hands accordingly. Reiki can help a person relax and de-stress, detect pain (physical/ emotional) and provide healing energy. Reiki treats to the root of the problem so sometimes it might require multiple reiki session before a pain is healed, sometimes a single session will heal.

How do I heal?

I was drawn into healing for a long time. I would do my own share of healing with Divine light and also by sending positive energy, prayers and love. It was in 2014 that I received my first formal Reiki attunement with my Reiki teacher Rhea Mistades, Shamanistic and Reiki Healer/ Master from San Francisco. My second degree Reiki healing attunement was from a very spiritual Reiki Master Tenzing Lama Sherpa who is also a Buddhist monk and received his attunement from his Master in Buddhist monastery in India. 

When I heal, I’m guided by my Spiritual Master/ Guru, Reiki master, my angels and council of angels. All healing energy comes from the Divine source and is directed by the source to treat a person.

Some information that can help if you are considering to have a healing session:

  1. Reiki healing is a guided energy from the Divine.
  2. Angels, Reiki masters or your own spiritual masters/ guides/ ascended masters come to healing. 
  3. Reiki is safe because it is a healing energy from God consciousness.
  4. Reiki heals from the root as the healing energy flows in your body, chakras and your aura.
  5. During healing session, cleansing of negative energies, blockages will be lifted which can also release old karmic blockages that have been the source of your pain or have hindered progress in your life.
  6. Your body relaxes, pain is relieved and if emotional and other problems exist, then Reiki energy will work that on your life.
  7. So, it might be sometime that you will notice the changes after healing since Reiki heals from the root. There might be changes in your life but, trusting Divine and your guardian angels will help you go through the process as healing will be for your highest good and only Divine knows what they are. 
  8. For any treatment of physical condition that you might be undergoing, it is safe to use reiki healing because Reiki healing will add to your treatment which will bring more quicker and comforting experience for you. 

Love & Angels Blessings,


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