Being Butterfly

Lying in a cocoon

I thought of the big world outside

What would it be like?


Fear and excitement

Fear of the unknown,

Excitement for new change.


Coming out in the world

full of strangers

new changes

and I fly as a butterfly.


When my wings got clipped

I’d rest by the riverside

and heal my wounds.

I tried to fly

And I’d fall on the ground

Sometimes, I’d think, I could never make it again.

Never fly again

But each time

I’d get up and learn to fly.


I love flowers

I love summer

I love sweet summer fragrance

I love nature

I love to play with children

I love happiness and laughter

Maybe I get clichéd for living in joy

but it is who I am.

A symbol of joy & positive transformation.


Each time wind blows

Each time it rains

Each time I get bruised,

Each time my wings are clipped,

I heal and I fly again

Being a happy butterfly.

© Sejal.G 2015


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