In my hours of darkness was when I saw divine light for the first time. The light shone like sun but it was pure in color. It felt so pure, so divine, so blissful. My heart melted in delight from the warmth of the light, tears flowing down my eyes…I felt such joy and love and my life started to change from that day. I was walking away from darkness to light.

Awestruck by the beauty, purity and love of this light, I realized that the light had entered inside in me, in my soul. The candle of my soul is lit, I’m a being who’s carrying light now.

Realization that there is something more inside me all wise, all knowledgeable was in fact the first sign of my soul awakening. This divine light made me to change my lifestyle and to make me live in a pure sattvic plane and still do.

What is the connection of our soul with the Divine light that enters inside our heart?

When the divine light enters our heart and lights our soul, we connect with the Divine light. We see that our light and divine light is same. That is when enlightenment occurs, that is when a soul awakens. A soul otherwise lives in the body in the dormant position only functioning as a prana. With the divine light awakening, our soul awakens.

According to Vedas, Gurus have said that our soul resides inside our heart and this soul functions as a prana. Prana is described in Vedas as a flicker of light which when entering a ‘jiva’/ body gives life to it. Prana enters when we lie in the womb of our mother. Prana is what gives life to nature. Every living being consist of this prana. Plants, animals, birds, sea lives, human beings have prana. Prana is the soul of the earth. Prana in English is relative to ‘an act of breathing’. When a body disfunctions and ends functioning then prana leaves the body through nostril, ear, mouth or an eye. In the ancient ages Vedic Gurus had learnt the art of prana movement through yoga postures and breathing technique known as ‘pranayam’. They had practiced to the point that they could (their souls/ prana) leave their body, went to astral travel and came back. Upon death, they could choose to leave their body at the right moment and traveled back to the Divine light in their own time.

Here is a self intuitive divine light meditation that I do to connect with light and fill me with light:

Sit cross legged. Hands resting on your knees, clasping as Namaste in front of you or in Dhyana mudra. Then close your eyes. Ask for your spiritual Guru’s guidance or angels to protect you or guide you. Visualize divine light on the sky. The light is so pure, positive and divine. Then seek the light, imagine the rays of light descending upon you. It slowly falls on top of your crown. Mentally think of the light purifying your head releasing, transforming all negative or lower energies into pure positive energy. Then descend the light to your face, throat, hands, filling your lungs, heart, cleansing with positive energy. Rest a while at your heart and ask to cleanse your heart and soul of negative energies. Any blockages, pain from past life need to be cleaned. Mentally guide this pure divine light to clean your heart of pain and blockages and fill in with pure divine light. Then descend the light all the way down your body and your toes, cleansing all the way. If you know of chakras then you can cleanse your chakras while moving down. Then have the white divine light clean all your 4 energy fields- etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual body. Then ask the pure divine light to stay with you, give you positive energy all the time and protect from any lower/negative energies to enter your energy fields. Thank your spiritual Guru, angels and divine light.

Doing this Divine light meditation daily or whenever required will keep cleansing our body, mind, soul and aura. Light will start filling in and you’ll be positive, happy and loving. This is a great meditation for spiritual seekers of any path, for healing, for positive energy and for protection of body, mind, soul and aura from negative energies.

May divine light always bless us, protect us and guide us.

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