Indigos, the brave warriors of light!

You came to earth to save life millions of years ago

and you’ve come again to spread light in this age of darkness.

You come from the blue ray.

You are born everywhere now

in every culture and country.

Darkness is controlling the world

with lies, hatred and discrimination.

Their purpose is to create hate

and war on earth.

You have again come to save earth

and you’re doing great job!

From saving planet earth to

giving peaceful lectures,

healing works and creating Universal Oneness now.

That’s your purpose on earth.

Because darkness has made you cry

made you want to run away

and escape from the world.

Do not let darkness scare you.

It is their purpose to defeat you.

You have your weapon of Light.

Show them to people and society.

Create a better world.

You have all the light inside you.

Seek courage in your light.

Ask Angels to assist you as they are on your side.

Light has to win

and that’s your mission on earth,

to spread light and work for Divine Light.






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