pexels-photo-57832Namaste and welcome to my page!

I’m Sejal ~ writer, healer,yogi, peace lover & lover of nature.

Please find yourself at home. Here, you will find articles on healing and soul growth.

I speak and write about peace and love on earth and all of my healing work comes from a place of love. We’re all divinely connected and we all come with our own purpose of learning, sharing or being on planet earth.

We’re all connected and this connection is of love. Love is the strongest force on earth. We’re all born of love, love is our essence and learning love’s lesson is the reason we’re here.

I’m a lover of earth, all things natural, the trees, flowers, river, ocean, crystals, birds, animals, people and I love connecting with angels.

I’m a certified Reiki healer and herbalist. I use Reiki for healing and also make and use herbal teas, tinctures and flower essences for physical or emotional healing. Please feel free to browse and check articles on healing and soul growth. I hope that it helps you and I would always love to receive your comment, suggestion and feedback.

Thank you very much.


If you want others to be happy practice compassion, if you want to be happy practice compassion ~ Dalai Lama

So much love,



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